Thomas Dambo and treasure hunt in Copenhagen: find the perfect 6 the Giants and the peripheral locations

Thomas Dambo and treasure hunt in Copenhagen: find the perfect 6 the Giants and the peripheral locations

Thomas Dambo, young artist and designer Danish sources, created 6 installations of gigantic dimensions, positioned in neglected neighborhoods and areas of Copenhagen. Has created a veritable treasure hunt for reviving these abandoned places, in search of 6 recycled wood carvings.


Thomas Dambo He grew up in the city of Odense, in Denmark. Since childhood he enjoyed building and creating things with materials and objects found around. From large, After an interlude as a Carpenter, work which he considered too monotonous and repetitive, enrolled in the school of design at Kolding. His early works are related to the construction of houses for birds, made with recycled plywood. The project called "Happy City Birds", has raised a lot of curiosity to the point that Thomas has managed to spread more than 3000 houses worldwide. Immediately after graduating he opened his own workshop in Copenhagen, continuing to carry out in parallel works related to the world of design and works as a Street Artist.


The fun project from character sensitizing aims, on the one hand, to bring art outside the Museum, on the other, It is an invitation to live some peripheral and neglected places of the city of Copenhagen. The suburbs of Rodovre, Hvidovre, Vallensbaek, Ishoy, Albertslund and Hoje Taastrup become part of a nice open air treasure hunt whose purpose is to discover 6 scrap wood carvings, hidden in the Woods Danish.

Each sculpture is made from the same Dambo along with the city's volunteers who helped him to disassemble and assemble wood waste pallet, of trees and parts of buildings. The 6 installations are called volunteers, interns or friends of Thomas that contributed to their achievement.

Each installation is designed to adapt to the place in which it is intended and to interact with its visitors. Some sculptures were designed to welcome visitors inside, like Little Tilde that contains 28 niches and Sleeping Louis who has a niche in the mouth that sounds. Others were designed to be overcome and just, as Hilltop Trine or Thomas on the mountain. On every sculpture has a plaque on which you can read signs to finding the next sculpture.


Teddy is made of scraps of plywood and tree branches cut in such a way as to recreate the effect of bear fur. It is located on the banks of a Lake. He arms outstretched to help people get through, until you get to the shores of the lake itself. The team that helped Thomas to create the bear was composed 4 unemployed and a teacher, named Teddy, to which Thomas dedicated the opera.


Oscar was built with plywood found from a downed and pallet mill disassembled. The Working Party is always composed of unemployed locals led by the same Thomas.


Even Louis is constructed with plywood and recycled wood strips. Louis is sleeping dumbfounded beneath tall trees, in a secret place of Rodovre, outside of Copenhagen. Visitors can enter into his mouth, create some noise knocking on wood or sleep inside. The team was always composed of unemployed and from a friend of Thomas, Louis, came from Bristol to help him. The team and Thomas they decided to call the installation with your name.


Tilde is located in the middle of wild nature and animal-filled Vallensbaek. It is positioned in such a way as to look through the trees towards a small lake that can be seen from his position. The team of volunteers and local unemployed, They also added some seniors senior artisans. Like a House, Tilde contains within it 28 niches, where the birds and squirrels can find shelter.


Thomas, made from strips of disassembled pallet, relaxes on top of a hill at Albertslung, enjoying a beautiful view. It is lying down with his long legs stretched, on which visitors can sit and contemplate the panorama. The Working Group was made up of local students and by an elderly couple.


Hill Top Trine is resting on top of a small hill in Hvidovre. Like his brothers was made with strips of pallet, cut branches and various scraps of plywood. Has one leg stretched and folded, on which rests the left arm but with cupped hand, that can comfortably hold a visitor. The visitor can, so, squatting inside the hand and take in the view that opens before.










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