Project Milestone: the first residential complex 3D printed in the Netherlands.

Project Milestone: the first residential complex 3D printed in the Netherlands.

In The Netherlands, in Eindhoven, It will be built on Project Milestone, the first complex printed in 3D. The complex, on which work will begin this year, will consist of 5 concrete homes. The Project Milestone is a collaboration between the University of technology Eindhoven, the municipality of Eindhoven, l & #8217; contractor Van Wijnen, manage real estate Vesteda, the materials company Saint Gobain Weber-Beamix and engineering companies Witteveen + Forests. All these partners will finance the project making sure the homes meet all standards of living. To work completed homes will be purchased by the same real estate company Vesteda.

This is not the first time that you attempt to achieve 3d printed buildings. Over the last years have been designed and manufactured, especially in the Netherlands, many prototypes of 3d buildings, but in the end never made. The aim is to transform the construction industry doing understand that 3d printing can be useful to create custom shapes of various colors, reducing the environmental impact and waste of materials during the construction phase.

Just remember that l & #8217; Holland, Unlike many European countries, is definitely ahead regarding sustainable design. Suffice it also to Regen Village, the first eco district at the outskirts of Amsterdan, where the sustainable research goes perfectly with the new generation ecological systems and natural energy dispersal.

The Project Milestone.

The Project Milestone, composed of 5 homes, He expected initial in-depth research studies that would go from hypothesis to reality. The first buildings to be held will be single storey home whose completion is scheduled for 2019.

The parts of the House will be initially printed at the University of Eindhven before being moved in the building and construction industry. The same operational group had already competed at the completion of the first cycle in the Dutch village of Germert concrete bridge, near Eindhoven.

Each structural pieces of housing will be created in the concrete and then worked to eliminate the deficiencies of the production. Then the pieces will be transported on site for installation, How do you play with lego bricks in. On completion of Assembly, the building will be finished completely making it flawless.

3D printing works for layers. The print-related machine, following the design imposed the chunk to be realized, the recreate overlaying strips of concrete. It is obvious that the smears are eliminated final finishing the single part. Assuming that lin 3D printing allows not only to exploit the ductility of concrete to take different forms but also to achieve near-perfect elements to be assembled.

Engineers Witteveen + Forests, in the design of the five housing complexes, were inspired by irregular blocks sinuous, that are well suited to a green landscape. The soft and uneven bars in the complex, Recalling to memory some of the projects by Erich Mendelsohn, Welcome welcoming and ergonomic that work without natural gas connections.

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