Lark Rise : When the House becomes a source of energy

Lark Rise : When the House becomes a source of energy

Lark Rise, designed by British architect Justin Drinking, is a self-sufficient House that can produce twice the energy that uses.  The detached house, Northwest of the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, It has a surface of approximately 175 m2 and can comfortably 4 persons.

Lark Rise consume the 97% less energy from the network than an average home in the United Kingdom. Its annual consumption of electricity is very low. This allows the House to produce more than twice dell & #8217; energy consumed. Lark Rise shows how the “smart energy revolution” may allow the United Kingdom to be powered entirely by renewable energy. All year.

Lark Rise exceeds the model of passive house in circulation, going beyond the sustainable design usual.

The House is auto-supplies and exports into the national grid. This is possible thanks to the combination of:

  • A photovoltaic system 12,4 KWP on the roof
  • Storage battery 13kWh
  • An electric vehicle

The combination of these three systems allows & #8217; building to produce whole & #8217; energy needed, also to heat the House during winter. While taking into account that, in the colder seasons, a passive house requires less energy than a traditional House to warm up.

The battery accumulate any excess energy generated by the Sun and that it won't go to waste. Primarily used to power the electric vehicle. So you can understand how much energy is needed to upload it and especially when. Then also serves to assess the potential of an electric car as a immagazzinatrice of energy, for herself and for the home.

Mechanical and electrical systems Lark Rise, designed by engineer Alan Clarke, meet most of the winter energy requirements. An electric heat pump to heat the air floor, the domestic hot water and ventilation heat recycling.

Accurate monitoring system Lark Rise show thermal performance exceeded forecasts, using half the energy provided.

The concept of continuous accumulation of energy makes Lark Rise completely independent from any unpredictable situation.

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